Playing Video Slots in Canada

For those that like casino action, one of the many offerings coming with this type of gaming is, obviously, video slot playing. Those in Canada have a choice of playing at on land casinos as well as many online casinos that offer some great options and – possibly – very lucrative wins.

What is a Video Slot?

video-slotssMany people that enjoy playing sometimes get confused as to what a reel type slot is and what a video slot is. Video slots can offer a lot more options to build up some wins as well as some free play opportunities. They consist of more paylines and also you can usually bet a larger number of coins per line when you are playing a video slot. The video slots can vary in the number of lines that are available to play but the minimum number usually is nine lines and the coin spread for betting can be from anywhere from one up to ten, as a rule.

Small and Large Wins

Video slots can range in the amount of wins that they pay out. Most often there are scaled up wins that are created with extra icons like wild and scatters. While these do generate wins they are normally what are classed as the low category. The payback may be a portion of what your bet was, or it could be your bet multiplied by several times.

If you are looking at big wins when playing video slots you want to find those that are going to pay out the major jackpots. These can include the requirement to line up the major play paying icons and having a series of these in a row is just one example. Then there are video slots that are classed as progressive slots and when you land a large win on these then you are really looking at a very large payout.

Different Slot Games

When it comes to the different slot games there are many that are available at the online casinos. There are a large number of software casino providers that produce these slot games. For example there is Microgaming, NetEnt and Betsoft just to name a few of many. They all have their own unique touches to them, in that some will focus more on graphics, often offering 3D visuals, while others will work more on their themes and will make these very realistic or creating a set of slot games that run in series.

When it comes to the paylines, there is a great variety that can range from just a few number of paylines up to a few hundred. As everything is automatic with the machines it doesn’t take a a lot of concentration to determine if you are winning or not as your winnings are automatically calculated and shown for you. Slots generally all run somewhere between 85% to 95% payback.

Some of the advantages to playing video slots is the extra offerings that come with them such as bonus games which allow you chances to make some more winnings. There may also be free spins which many people favor because they get to play a specific number of spins without having to place a bet.

When checking out the online casinos you will find that some will only offer video slots from one or two specific software providers where others will offer a much larger selection. It is well worth taking the time to study the slot that you are choosing to play to determine what the bet spread is as well as the number of lines coins per line that are allowed.