Premier Roulette

Premier Roulette

The Premier Roulette site is as elegant as it is attractive. The sophisticated site is inviting to new players and bound to keep the seasoned players. In the Premier Roulette game, you get freedom. You can choose which wheel or table you would wish to play. The wheel colors include black or mahogany. The table is premier-pouletteblue, red or green. The player gets up to six possible combinations to choose.

There is one zero pocket roulette wheel, whether black or mahogany. This design is meant to give the player their best chance at winning. Remember the first rule while playing Premier Roulette; always focus on the zero pocket guides. You may play in the multiplayer mode or against a single dealer. You can turn on the ‘Win Details’ option on the Premier Roulette site.

The details are outlined in a pop-up window after you win. This information is important if you are keen on making multiple bets.

You will get information on the dozen bet, the straight up bet, small numbers bet and the street bet. Premier Roulette has a repeat feature. It allows the player to place one bet on multiple bets on next spin. This is also carried out in one click.

How you bet

It is entirely up to you to decide whether your choice of table and wheel combination will influence a win. Gaming is about following your gut. The bets are standard on Premier Roulette.

The inside, outside, call and neighbor bets are influenced by the closeness of the figures on the wheel, not on the table. The player can bet on one spin as part of their plan to win in a game of Premier Roulette. You can place a maximum bet on £800. All bets must be decided upon on the betting board.

What you win

You get chips whose values range between 0.25 and 1,000. This means the wagering requirements are quite broad. Winning at Premier Roulette is not much different from other online slot games.

For the bets on the dozen and column sections, you can earn up to 5 to 1 on your bets. The eight to one earnings may be accessed on the corner stakes. Playing the street bets, however, can earn you up to 11 to 1.

How free spins work

Newcomers can have a go at the game and stand a chance to win free spins with no deposits required. The earning also attracts no payment wagers. However, be forewarned on the terms and conditions before demanding your payouts. The player gets notifications on the payout odds, and the amount wagered and payments.