Lost Vegas

Lost Vegas is a casino slot game that immerses you in what seems to be a Zombie apocalypse. The neon light setting features humans fighting for survival as Zombies lurk in the shadows. Lost Vegas offers you 243 ways to win a slot. The streets are mostly deserted with empty casinos and zombies lurking in the dark. The setting is almost realistic with characters like the police and the so-called Elvis impersonator. You are required to take sides of a zombie or a human.

Play Lost Vegas

You earn a big win by switching between the opposing factions: a zombie hoard or a survivor. You can extend your game’s play time, by ensuring that you have plenty of survivor free spins. These are different from the Zombie free spins.

How you bet

lost-vegasBefore placing your bet, learn a few tips from the dealers or experienced players. Most casino games give you a welcome bonus, which earns you money without necessarily parting with your own cash. Gaming depends a lot on your luck, and intelligence, so it is master your craft before you dive in.

Gambling sites are keen on ensuring players are involved in responsible gaming. You will need to verify your age before you can gamble.

What you win

Lost Vegas has two features, which are randomly triggered for you to win. They are;

  • Blackout Bonus

This is triggered at any point. The lights will flicker as night vision kicks in. You will then see your cash prizes for the survivors or zombies visible on the reel. During the blackout bonus, you can launch a free spin bonus if you gather a scatter on the reels.

  • Zombie Fist of Cash bonus

This bonus appears any time in the game, so be on the lookout. It awards players a cash prize that is generated randomly.

How free spins work

The free spins are available depending on the side you choose. For survivors, a free spin bonus will contain a Stash. With every low symbol you land on the reels and are snatched away, a cash prize is revealed. Any low symbol that is removed from the reel will boost your chances of winning as a survivor. The free spins will keep flowing until all low symbols are stashed. Playing as the zombie has its drawback for you run the risk of infection! The Infection feature is available on the reels. The player gets an infection when stacked symbols are not moved until all the five reels are infected.