Jungle Jim El Dorado

The idea of embarking on a jungle search mission is always pleasing to many people who love playing. The feeling is even made better when there is a monetary value that goes with it. Being one of the top games offered by Microgaming Software, Jungle Jim El Dorado gives you the perfect platform to enjoy what you love play with lots of prizes in store. You will find numerous online casinos offering this slot with amazing prizes at stake.

Play Jungle Jim El Dorado

jungle-jim-el-doradoFor anyone who loves simpler games that one can follow and win, the Jungle Jim is just for you. The designers of this game incorporated two unique features including 5 attractive transparent reels to offer added looks, against a jungle backdrop. Rolling Reels is one of the features which basically gives a player multiple chances of winning with each spin. Ideally, each win increases the multiplier by up to 5x, thereby ensuring that your chances of winning are maximized. The second feature involves free spins being given to players depending on their Rolling Reels performance. You will definitely love the unique animation and attractive jungle background while playing this game.

How You Bet

Placing a bet here is very direct and simple. Just set the coin size with the “Bet” feature, before letting the reels start rolling, as you embark on a virtual trip to the perilous South American jungles, in search of El Dorado. You are then required to use the “Autoplay” to set the number of times reels should turn, without being interrupted. You sit excited and hoping to win, as you wait for your selected winning combination against which you placed your money.

What you win

You stand to win amazing cash prizes when playing this game. Ideally, a player can win up to 8000x the bet amount placed, if the 5 rounds turn out to be correct as predicted. With this game, you also stand to get bonuses and free spins, besides being able to multiply cash payouts.

How free spins work

Jungle Jim El Dorado seeks to reward your loyalty with a number of promotional free spins and bonuses. Upon playing this slot, your performances grant you nearly 25 free spins. This is meant to give you full playing satisfaction in the game. The number of free spins is determined by your previous bet amounts, while giving you extra shots at maximum prizes. Anyone playing this game is sure to love it.